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The Kardashian Clusterfuck of Love will Give You a Migraine


Some poor soul at E! News tried to map out the Karadashian love triangle, and the result was a clusterfuck.

Since hopefully you’re one of the few sane Americans who doesn’t worship the Kardashians, we’re here to lay out the dramatic and disturbing pieces of this love triangle-gone-orgy.

News of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna gettin’ it on (you rebel, Rob!) has added a new dimension to America’s most hated and most loved family. If you didn’t know, Blac Chyna and Tyga were engaged. The same pedophilic Tyga who is in a “relationship” with Kylie Jenner.

So Khloe naturally vented on Twitter:

And then OF COURSE Blac Chyna is best friends with Amber Rose, who is Kanye’s ex, and Kim used to be BFFs with Blac Chyna, and now THEY must hate Blac Chyna and Rob, too!

So when Amber Rose followed Scott Disick on Instagram, naturally the entire western world freaked the fuck out.

Meanwhile, Kourtney and Kendall are both rumored to have played with Justin Bieber’s giant penis.

The result? Rob is still the best Kardashian.

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