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What Are Some Effective Non-Traditional Headache Remedies?


Trina S. Elements Centennial

“Many headaches are caused by dehydration, so drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent headaches. Once you already have a headache, applying a cold pack to your forehead or to the back of the neck may help.”

Megan B. Elements Carmel Mountain

“There are different kinds of headaches and each has different non-traditional remedies that can help alleviate symptoms.

“For sinus headaches, lymphatic drainage around the jaw area with light pressure can be effective.

“For tension headaches receiving acupressure on the large intestine 4 pressure phase can help. The root cause for tension headaches is typically the neck being somewhat out of alignment. People who sleep on their belly are particularly at risk for these.

“Rebound headaches are typically caused by the overuse of analgesics. This condition can be helped with the use of acupuncture.”

Angel W. Elements Florence

“Massage of the neck, shoulders, scalp and feet always works for me and my clients.”

Brittany H. Elements Glendale

Eucalyptus petroleum. Set a dab on your forehead, temples, back of neck and occipital area. Also, drink lots of fluids.”

Jessica J. Elements Lake Conroe

“Cold pack and dim illuminating with the audios of the ocean. Deep breaths and calm guess added with a light-pressured neck and scalp massage.”

Bonnie V. Elements Wilsonville

“It depends on the headache. If it is a migraine, when you two are notice it coming on plunge your feet into ice cold water for a couple of minutes. This will draw blood away from your head — migraines are vascular — and pump it towards your feet, effectively eliminating or reducing the intensity of the migraine.

“For normal headaches, drink water( many headaches can be caused by dehydration ). If you know it is a tension headache you can pinch the muscle on your shoulder and hold it for a few minutes. This will relax that muscle which has ache patterns into the head. You can also pinch the meaty part of your thumb, but I have had mixed outcomes with this one.

“The best headache therapy is preventative. If you are emphasized take a few moments to breathe, stroll for a few moments then go back to what you were doing. Relax.”

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