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Pokémon: 25 Things That Make No Sense About The Universe (That Fans Ignore)


What can be said about Pokemon that has not been said already? This pillar of pop culture has stormed into the mainstream with most people under the age of 30 knowing what Pokemon is by now. Countless articles, fics, and art have been stimulated over the years, indicating our love for this classic series. Now that we have Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee we can relive the original games and find the changes they made to them. Everyone is aroused about the upcoming mainline Pokemon title, so I thought it would be a good time to revisit the first gen games.

Many of us grew up playing the gen 1 games; during recess, on our work transgress, after school. We all hold fond memories of this ground-breaking game. People are always talking about their first starter or what they called their contender, but there is one thing that they do not usually talk about when it is necessary to gen 1. However, hindsight is 20/ 20 and we can spot some issues in logic or gameplay that may not ought to have obvious at the time. Some things only do not make sense no matter what. Sure, this is a fictional world that does not exist, but tales should still make sense. Nitpicking may be considered rude, but the internet operates on nitpicking and memes at this phase. We observed just a few weird the matters that you may not have spotted in Pokemon gen 1 games.

25 It’s Not A Dragon…Apparently

We all know what dragons look like. Sure, they may be physically different and not all of them have wings, but we know. They have wings most of the time, are big reptiles, and most spit flame. Charizard fits all of these descriptors, but he’s a fire/ flying form? Those are literally the descriptors for being a dragon. So you’re telling me that Sliggoo, Vibrava, and Alteria are dragons but not Charizard? They did this for balance but severely, it stimulates no sense.

2 4 Bad Parenting, Kangaskhan

So Kangaskhan parents are always seen with their little baby in their front pouch. While this is super cute, they keep the baby in the pouch during battles too. This means that when you combat one, that newborn is get a face full of whatever you merely attacked with. Not only is this unsafe, but it does not make sense. No animal parent would keep their kid on them during a fight. They’d set it on the sidelines or tell it to run and hide.

2 3 The Rival Should Be The Protagonist

Your rival in Red/ Blue is your motivator. They taunt you and fight you, all to encourage you to keep playing and getting stronger. However, Blue/ Gary should be the protagonist. Their grandfather likes you better and doesn’t even recollect their name. You kick their behind constantly. You destroy their Raticate and other Pokemon. You let them be the Pokemon Champion for all of two seconds before you take that from them. These are all excellent motivators usually seen in protagonists. You are the villain.

2 2 How Are Human On Top?

In our world, humans are the dominant species because there are a lot of us and we have advanced weapons on our side. But in Pokemon? With gods strolling the earth that could aim the world in moments? With literal dragons, ghosts, and beings that can literally drain the life out of you with a gues, it is mind-boggling that humans are number one. Sure, we have numbers, but do we really know how many Pokemon are out there? We know that there is only one Mew and Mewtwo, but how many Pikachu are out there?

2 1 Is Being A Champion As Hard As They Say?

As a Pokemon trainer, defeating the gym leaders and attaining it to Victory Road is supposed to be a true test. A trial of your mettle as a trainer and what separates the wheat from the chaff. However, when you show up to Victory Road, there are loadings of people there. All these other trainers just chilling. There is security checking people for badges, so surely they defeated all the trainers. But it’s supposed to be hard to defeat the leaders? What’s the truth, Gamefreak?

2 0 He’s Trapped In There Forever

Vermilion Gym, home to Electric-type gym leader Lt. Surge. This was my favorite gym leader battle during my playthrough but while playing I had a thought; how does Lt Surge get out of the gym? There is a tree blocking the style into his gym which you need cut to get past. The problem here is that Lt. Surge’s Pokemon do not have any moves that could get past this tree. In the real world, an axe will do just fine, but this is not the real world. He’s literally simply trapped forever in the gym.

1 9 Professor Oak The Professional

Professor Oak is a highly respected scientist and authority on Pokemon. He is loved by many even if he is a bit quirky. When you fulfill him, he gives you one of his three Pokemon and gives you the Pokedex, asking you to discover them all. However, when you meet new Pokemon, the Pokedex tells you about it. Either Professor Oak lied and already inputted all the data on each Pokemon or the Pokedex scans them somehow. However, why does he need you to do that if he is an expert on Pokemon? He doesn’t even pay you.

1 8 The Sleepy Townie

When you visit Viridian City, you may come across a certain troublesome figure. A man lays in the road blocking your route. Game-wise, he is there to stop you from leaving Viridian City early without giving Professor Oak his parcel. As for why he is lying in the road, he says he has not had his coffee. Yeah, I also simply lie in the road when I haven’t had my morning coffee, too. Totally builds sense, GameFreak, totally makes sense.

1 7 Bill Is A Questionable Scientist

Ah, Bill. This guy, found on the Cerulean Cape, is a Pokemaniac who is working on Pokemon teleportation. When you find him, he has merged bodies with a Pokemon while experimenting and needs you to help him turn back. You go to his computer, press a button, and bam! He’s all good. This guy made the Storage System, so why is something so complex as teleportation easily undone by a literal infant? Seems too simple to me, to be honest.

1 6 Stocking Up Is Hard

Retail stinks. Customers can be difficult, coworkers may not pull their own weight, and you can’t always get what you order. It seems that the latter rings true in the Pokemon world as well. In certain Pokemarts, you can’t get certain items. For instance, if you head to the Viridian City one, there are very limited furnishes. Despite this being a popular place for wannabe Pokemon trainers to stop by, you cannot buy Max Repel or Hyper Potion. This is a weird quirk that doesn’t make sense.

1 5 Fossils? In A Museum? Nah…

In Mt. Moon, you can find two ancient and rare fossils. In front of these fossils is a Super Nerd. This Super Nerd makes a deal with you to take whichever one you do not pick. This is great for you, since you get an Omanyte or Kabuto, but also, I have questions. What does that kid do with the remaining fossil? Surely, we should give them to a museum? Is it just a paperweight for him? They aren’t exactly super concealed, why didn’t person take them earlier? Why didn’t the kid take them both and volume it before you got there?

1 4 Job? What Job?

Leaving your mother at the ripe age of eleven, you ultimately give your mom some liberty. But here’s the issues to; what does your mother do while you’re off gallivanting in the wilderness? Does she go on dates? Do some freelancing? Take a vacation to the Alola region? What your mother does shall remain a mystery to us all. But who cares as long as she sends you fund and is there to greet you when you get back, right? Where does all that fund even come from?

1 3 Kadabra Does What Now?

So Kadabra, according to its Pokedex entry, it use’ powerful alpha waves’ which has resulted in headaches and reverse the time on clocks. Is this damaging to the brain? Will this cause health issues if you expend too much day with a Kadabra? As a Pokemon trainer, you have to spend time training your Pokemon to help them reach their full potential, but are there regulations for Kadabras? Should there be? Seems pretty dangerous. Not dangerous like Groudon dangerous, but still dangerous.

1 2 Pokemon Aren’t CD Players So What’s With TMs?

TMs are the route for Pokemon to learn new moves. They learn this new move, like Fly, and immediately forget a move of your selection. First of all, how does this happen? They do not have built-in CD or DVD players and you do not have one in your inventory. I know they are digital, but in the context of the world of Pokemon, they are real animals. Second, they genuinely forget a move straight away? One they have known their whole lives? I can be forgetful sometimes, but this is a whole new level.

1 1 Sleepy Snorlax Blocks The Way

Outside Celadon City and south of Lavender Town on Routes 12 and 16, you will find two Snorlax having a little sleep. These sleepy sons are there to get in your route and generally be a nuisance. The only style to wake them up and get them to move is to get a Pokeflute from Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town. Now, you can take the long way around but frankly, I got Pokemon to catch and Team Rocket members to wreck. I gotta hustle. How has no-one else tried this? Why didn’t Mr. Fuji come down and move them himself?

1 0 I Wanna Know What’s Inside A Pokeball

Pokeballs have long been a point at the end of the debates amongst trainers. We capture these live animals with them and keep them there until we need them in battle. But the thing is, what does the inside of a Pokeball look like? Is it a room perfectly suited and custom designed for each individual Pokemon? Does it just vaporize them and keep their data until you summon them? The only thing we know is that the Pokeballs brainwash your Pokemon to construct them obey you, which is messed up.

9 Cubone, What Are You Wearing?

So the thing with Cubone is that Cubones have a rough time. Because of hunting by humans, Cubones wear the skulls of their moms. As macabre as that is, adult Marowaks exist so surely not all Cubones should wear skulls. Surely the skulls should only appear once the mother has succumbed. It is a tragic tale but it does not make sense to apply it to the entire species. It would have built more sense to induce that an isolated incident and have the others have armor that only looks like skulls.

8 Danger? In The Pokemon Universe? No Way

So the rite of passage in the world of Pokemon is to head out at age 11 alone and run catch some wild animals. Who cares about observing shelter, having fund, or seeing your family? As long as you’re out there combating some ferocious brutes it doesn’t matter. There are literal divinities walking the earth and these people think it’s safe to just kick their kids out right into it. I’m all for a tough life lesson but this seems a bit much.

7 Fishing In A Puddle

Fishing can be a very cold and pleasant hour. In real life, it can be boring as heck but fortunately video games attain the activity a bit more fun. When fishing in Pokemon, you will most likely encounter a Magikarp. These useless fish was located in oceans, rivers, lagoons, and even puddles. One of these is not like the others. Magikarp are kind of huge, so they would not survive in puddles on the street. Unless the potholes in Pokemon are just really big.

6 We Demand Pokemon Rights!

When we have a team of Pokemon together and train them in battle, they respond to our words. They do what attacks we tell them and when. They react to what we do and construct real bonds with us. They are sentient beings with emotions and thinks. Heck, some of them can even go to school and work. Does this mean that they have rights? Can they own homes? What do their diploma or resumes mean? We actually do have them trapped but these facts bring questions.

5 Locks? What Are Those?

On your Pokemon journey, you’re bound to do a lot of exploring. There are mountains to explore, woodlands to navigate, and ponds to intersect. Even people’s homes aren’t off limits. You can literally merely walk on into some rando’s house and bother them. These people are just living their lives and have to put up with some kid busting into their house and asking questions. Also, all the houses only have one room except yours. Are you living the high life?

4 Physic Do Not Work Like That

HM0 2 is a move called Fly which, like the name suggests, allows the Pokemon who learns it to fly. You can use this move to get from Pokemon Center to Pokemon Center or to your home or the Pokemon League. While this move is useful, it should not work for all Pokemon. Pidgey is literally 0.3 m tall and weighs less than 2kg but can supposedly carry you for miles( lies !). Then there’s Doduo. This guy doesn’t even have wings. Sure he has bird features but that doesn’t mean he should fly.

3 As Rivals, Team Rocket Stinks

Now, Jessie and James are my favorite part of the anime and Yellow but they aren’t in the OG gen 1 series. Team Rocket members are useless. They are easily defeated by children and then they tell said children their plans. They even try to recruit them into this firm by disguising themselves and then opposing. On the Nintendo site, they even held Evaluation of the results of Team Rocket members, who largely received C or below, which is now being embarrassing.

2 I Don’t Know My Parents

As if the rival’s tale could not get any sadder. The guy lives with his sister. That’s it. No parents or other family. Just his sister. And they seem the same age? What happened to his parents? Why don’t they live with Professor Oak? Why doesn’t he live with them? Where does Professor Oak even live? In his laboratory? It’s a good thing they live nearby their grandfather or else it would be too tragic. Poor guy, what a rough start.

1 You Gotta Work For It

Speaking of Magikarp, it seems weird that it only has one evolution. It is not uncommon for Pokemon to have only one evolution but think about how evolving Magikarp works. You get a Magikarp and then have to train hard to get it to level 20 before it will finally evolve into Gyarados. Others have two evolutions, so it feels to me like Magikarp should have an awkward teen phase. He is a lesson in patience, but he doesn’t have to be.

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