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I got a new job!


It’s been real slow at my current gig, constant opposes with the boss, get fed up, monday didn’t go to work because there was a lack of it.

Opened up craigslist, called the posting with an actual number attached with a boss i can talk too.

Met for coffee 15 minutes later, small depict( like my current one) with 4 other plumbers but all of them journeymen( which means this boss wants no headaches ), will fill your van with any tools you dont have( lets say I want an expansion tool he will put one in it) Actually has an office with a receptionist/ accountant, bills proper rates( no 30 minute dispatch for a task on the other side of the city ), wants someone to start ASAP. Also rarely does any sewer tasks as he’d rather pass them off due to liability and headache, and tries to not book CODs.

It’s not worth it to wait around and see if things get better with my current boss. While he’s done a lot for me it’s so alleviating to finally quit and never have to deal with my stupid piece of shit van, or the shitty chaos he has defined for me.

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needed to add. I got a 3 dollar raise even thouhg im not a jman yet( 2 more levels of schooling already booked hours satisfied, and a new van to boot!

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