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Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Review


Family HandymanSWL: Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub Retrofit Your Garage Door Opener for Smart Technology

You don’t have to run out and buy a whole new garage doorway opener if you want to be able to open your garage from your telephone. Instead pick up the Chamberlain myQ.

You can add the Chamberlain myQ on to your existing garage doorway and most brands dating back to 1993. The hub is easy to install and connects to your Wi-Fi. Just download the myQ app to your telephone and viola, you can always know if you left the garage doorway open. The app also allows you to open the door and will let you know if it opens and closes.

myQ works with Nest and can control your lighting if you’d like. Check out what other Wi-Fi garage door openers are out there .~ ATAGEND

Get it now for around $60. ~ ATAGEND

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The 100 Best Home Tech Products of 2018

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Garage-Door-Opener Pull Power, Light and Compressed Air From Your Ceiling When auto mechanics need a trouble light, receptacle or compressed air, they just reaching for the ceiling and pull down whatever hose or cord they need. Now you can too. The Chamberlain Garage Power Station mounts on your ceiling and has a 25 -ft. multifunction pull-down/ retractable “hose” to provide light, power and compressed air.

The base division plugs into a nearby receptacle and homes an air compressor capable of putting out 100 psi( great for bike tires ). Pop two MR16 halogen bulbs into the ceiling division to get 100 watts of region lighting in addition to the LED work light on the retractable hose. Find the Garage Power Station at home centers and online.

Find it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

neatovacuum_04 smart vacuum Neato Botvac Vacuum Tired of vacuum mend ? The Botvac Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum from Neato lets you control the vacuum from wherever you are. Have last-minute company “re coming” for dinner? Start the robot vacuum before you leave work. And, it has two cleaning modes and includes an ultra-performance filter which builds it easy-to-clean. Get this vacuum now .~ ATAGEND

sousvide_02 cooking Anova Sous Vide with Bluetooth If it’s too cool outside to grill, try cooking in the Anova Sous Vide with Bluetooth .~ ATAGEND And this sous vide( a method of cooking food slowly in a vacuum-sealed pouch at a low temperature so as to retain most of the juice and perfume) precision cooking device will cook that roast or steak to the perfect temperature every time, and you are able to keep track of the cook process via its Bluetooth system. Find it on Amazon here .~ ATAGEND

BleepBleeps Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm Finally something to determine who took the last cookie. No more false accusations flying around or flimsy evidence being served as fact, the offending party will be caught red-handed right at home. You can go ahead and figure out that punishment but BleepBleeps’ Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm( that might make a instance for a such thing as too much alliteration) can prevent social humiliation. Take a look at some handy cookies for handy people .~ ATAGEND

Order this product now .~ ATAGEND

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Netatmo’s smart indoor air quality monitor might just be what your home needs in order to determine what’s floating around in the air. It will show the best noise levels for sleeping or the right humidity levels for a child with asthma. If you feel like your air quality could improve, try these 12 natural ways to improve air quality.

Order it today .~ ATAGEND

speaker Bose SoundTouch Some say “Bose or bust” thanks to the brand’s incredible reputation in home audio. The Bose SoundTouch is a classic space-saving audio device. Along with dedicated remotes featuring assignable shortcut buttons, the SoundTouch supportings Bluetooth streaming in addition to WiFi, allowing it to creek audio beyond built-in music sources like Sirius XM and Spotify. The entry-level SoundTouch 10 is a great deal, offering full, rich voice that fills the room. You can also choose from the SoundTouch 20 and 30. If you want a powerfully compact speaker to fill larger rooms, go with the 30! The new Bose Skill for Alexa also allows you to enjoy hands-free voice control of your SoundTouch employing an Alexa-enabled device. You should also check out the Bose SoundLink Revolve +.~ ATAGEND

Get this now .~ ATAGEND

toilet Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Even your tush needs a little luxury, which is why people are going crazy for this trending bidet toilet attachment. Rather than buying a bidet, you can save a lot of fund with this small accessory. It’s a single nozzle , non-electric mechanical bidet attachment that uses fresh water for ultimate self-cleaning without the overuse of toilet paper. Here’s what you need to know about an actual bidet .~ ATAGEND

Order this for your home today .~ ATAGEND

OxyLED Motion Sensor Light The nice thing about the OxyLED motion sensor light is that it only turns on when you need it and will only stay on for as long as you need it. It can be mounted just about anywhere and give light where you need it. It’s battery operated, which means it’s one less thing to have to worry about it being an energy vampire .~ ATAGEND

Buy it today .~ ATAGEND

Neurio Home Energy Monitor Take a peek at what’s zapping up all the juice at home with the Neurio Home Energy Monitor .~ ATAGEND It will provide a real period showing of the energy consumption in your home and can assist you reduce your energy costs. See what the most important things are to look at when trying to save on energy costs .~ ATAGEND

Find it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

Smarter Electric iKettle If tea time is one of the most important periods of the working day for you, the Smarter Electric iKettle might be the perfect addition to the kitchen. There’s a mode to set the kettle to boil when you wake up and for when you return home. You’ll feel like you’re living inside one of the royal residences when you have tea induced on your command .~ ATAGEND

Get this iKettle on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop Maybe having the robots taking over isn’t such a bad thing if it means they can clean the floors like the iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop .~ ATAGEND The robotic mope will tackle dirt and stains like dried coffee and soda with a vibrating clean head. Pick up these 100 essential cleaning hacks to induce the rest of the chores easier, too.

Get this cleaning robot now .~ ATAGEND

Gartenzwerg Garden indoors without having to worry about not having enough lighting with Gartenzwerg. It’s a self-contained garden that comes with grow suns, a temperature and humidity sensor, along with an app that monitors pH levels. Try these tips-off to get seeds started indoors ahead of planting season .~ ATAGEND

Tesla Solar Roof Work continues on Tesla’s solar roof design but it’ll be a sleek way to incorporate solar panels into a home’s design without losing any aesthetic appeal. You might be able to reserve them at Home Depot, though it’s get phased out.

MicroBot Push Never leave your bed with this fixing that will retrofit any device at home into a smart device. The MicroBot Push can attach to devices that are push buttons and the user can remotely deploy the MicroBot Push to press the button. It’s pretty great for coffee machines, garage doorways, fans and intercoms.

Get this today .~ ATAGEND

friday_top_brass-1200x1200 Friday Lock from Friday Labs Friday Lock from Friday Labs Is Advertised As the Smallest Smart Lock in the World Friday Labs says its Friday Lock is the smallest smart doorway lock in the world. Friday is also one of the locks from smaller companies that offer the “unlock automatically and interaction-free” feature. And Friday lock is quick and easy to install and comes with several shell covers to match any home decor. Unlike any of the previous offerings, Friday also has a rechargeable battery, however, at $249 it’s one of the more expensive locks here.

Get this high-tech lock on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Keen Home Smart Vent Keen’s Home Smart Vent will work to coordinate the temperatures in each room of your house. It will redirect air between rooms to balance the temperature for smarter HVAC. See how an old home can save big money with an HVAC update.

Get it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Sense8 Home Security Sense8 Home Security offers a robust security system that does not have a monthly service charge. It provides a 1080 p HD camera with night vision, motion detection and a 95 -decibel alarm and speaker. It even monitors the hot and humidity and will send an alert if sees an unusual change. If you’re away from home, you are able to communicate with person at home through video. You can also try these DIY home security tricks, too .~ ATAGEND

Buy it today .~ ATAGEND

August Smart Lock Pro The August Smart Door Lock Pro is a full-featured but discrete smart deadbolt. And means is that you only replace the part of the deadbolt on the inside of the door and leave the existing keyway on the outside. You can then lock and unlock the deadbolt by twisting it from the inside, employing the phone app, or vocally employing Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. And other home automation systems run like Nest, Airbnb and HomeAway. August also allows you to integrate it with a keypad and/ or a buzzer camera for added convenience and security. The Smart Lock Pro also unlocks as you approach the door and locks again when you close the door after yourself. The small size of this product means that it requires the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge for the home automation connectivity.

Get this lock on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

app VTOSEN Otoscope Camera Haven’t you heard you’re not supposed to clean your ears with Q-Tips ?! Now you are able to clean them the safe way with this intriguing otoscope camera. While people might think twice when they see this device in your bathroom, it’s the ultimate hygiene machine, allowing you to clean your ear wax or ear mite more completely and safely under this guidance, while checking on the health of your ear with the showing appearing on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Speaking of ear security, here’s how to stimulate your own ear buds using little earplugs .~ ATAGEND Find it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

lock Digital Bottle Locking Cap Ever wished it took a password to let people into your private stock? Whether you have an expensive bottle of wine you want kept sacred or you’d like to secure certain medications from reaching your little one’s hands, this digital bottle locking cap will keep everyone away from your items. Using a digital lock, only the person with the combining can open it! You may also be interested in these DIY simple window locks to keep your home safe .~ ATAGEND Order it today .~ ATAGEND

hose Woof Washer 360 Love to go on hikes with your puppy, but dislike the grime they come home with? Before you spend one more moment on your hands and knees, scrubbing them down between vigorous shakes, try this weirdly efficient tool. This trending puppy washer gently cleans your canine’s coat in one clean sweep. If you love your puppies, you may want to gift them one of these unbelievable dog houses .~ ATAGEND Buy one for your pet now .~ ATAGEND

coffee The Barisieur Alarm Clock If you’re going to have to wake up by an alarm, it should at least be one that smells like freshly brewed coffee, right? You can define the Barisieur Alarm Clock to wake you up at a certain time by brewing you a fresh beaker of coffee or tea. If mornings are tough for you, consider these essential kitchen gadgets to get you up on the right side of the bed.

Photo: Courtesy of Barisieur

Smartphone with thermal imaging Smartphone With Thermal Imaging The CAT S6 0 Android smartphone( catphones.com) is far more rugged than a consumer-grade telephone. It’s shatterproof up to a 6-ft. fell onto cement, dust-proof, shockproof and waterproof down to 5 meters for up to an hour. This telephone works in temps from minus 13 to 131 degrees F, and the touch screen has glove-on and wet-finger tracking ability, so it operates in any climate.

The CAT S6 0 has a 13 -megapixel camera as well as an infrared( FLIR) camera. Use the FLIR camera throughout your house to measure surface temperatures and find air leaks and temperature changes behind walls, electrical problems and even beehives. The S60 works with AT& T and T-Mobile and affiliated GSM networks use a nano sim card. It comes with 32 GB internal memory and accepts a microSD card for extended storage up to 128 GB.

Weber iGrill 3 Weber iGrill 3 The Weber iGrill 3, which is compatible with the brand’s Genesis II and Genesis II LX gas grills, allows you to closely monitor your food so you get perfect results every time. The Bluetooth-enabled device subsistences up to four probes and sends information such as food temperature, cook day and even propane tank levels to your smartphone or tablet via the Weber iGrill app.

Photo: Via Weber

smart lights Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit Get your home on the path to automation with the Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit.

Check out our Stuff We Love video on this product.

Get it today .~ ATAGEND

Bluetooth padlock Bluetooth Padlock We had a problem with strangers disposing of their garbage in our dumpster here at work. On a few mornings, it was completely full of building dust! We could either start locking the dumpster at night or maintain paying the $80 early pickup fees. I bought a Master Lock Bluetooth padlock because I didn’t want to carry any more keys in my pockets or try to remember a combination.

The app on my phone lets me open the lock remotely( within Bluetooth range ). I can also use the app to situate combinings that my coworkers can use. If I give out individual codes, I can track who opened it and when–not that I don’t trust my coworkers. I can give out single-use codes as well. I bought the heavy-duty outdoor model No. 4401 DLH online. — Josh Risberg

Get it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Ring doorbell Ring Doorbell It was merely a matter of time before someone brought the traditional buzzer into the 21 st century. With the Ring Video Doorbell you can enhance your home security and just attain your life easier in general. The Ring Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and takes HD video of the area immediately outside of your door. You can then access the camera’s video feed through an app on your telephone from anywhere in the world, whether you are in your backyard or in another country. The doorbell even has a two-way audio channel so you are able to have a full dialogue with whoever is at your doorway. The Ring Doorbell are likely to be set to send you a notification every time someone walks up to your house so you are able to check out any unwanted or surprise guests. In terms of design, the Ring Doorbell is not much bigger than other doorbells and be coming back a variety of colourings so that it works with any paint strategy. The Ring Video Doorbell is sold online and in stores starting at $179, with an upgraded “Pro” version available for $249.

Get it for your home now .~ ATAGEND

Electrical tools with onboard voltage tester Electrical Tools With Onboard Voltage Tester Non-contact voltage testers are great for constructing sure the power is off before you start an electrical project. But the testers are easy to lose track of and misplace–which pocket is it in?

Tool manufacturer Gardner Bender solves the problem of lost testers by incorporating a tester right into the handles of its wire stripper and screwdriver–tools you’re bound to have on hand whenever you’re doing electrical work. Simply press the button and move the tool handle near the wires to test before touching. Or, slide the tester off the tool handle to employ it as a freestanding unit.

Find the GST-7 0M Circuit Alert Voltage sensing stripper and SDT-1 0 screwdriver at home centers and online.

Order now .~ ATAGEND

Smartphone inspection camera Smartphone Inspection Camera This Distianert Endoscope Inspection Camera has a 13 -ft. cable that lets you snake behind walls and peek inside appliances–even grab wires or retrieve nuts and bolts from tight one-quarters. Just download the app and plug the 2.0 -megapixel inspection camera into any on-the-go( OTG) compatible Android smartphone or tablet or into a USB port on a Mac laptop. Move the camera into stance and adjust the light intensity switch to get the proper lighting. Watch your screen to get the camera into the right place. Then snap a still shooting or shoot video.

For long runs, videotape the cable to a stick to feed and objective the camera head. The unit comes with a cloth storage pouch and three attachments: a 90 -degree mirror, a hooking and a magnetic tip. The video quality is good enough to get the job done; just don’t expect 1080 resolution for this cost. You can find the camera for about $29 at amazon.com.

Buy it now .~ ATAGEND

Wifi booster Super-Fast Wi-Fi Router If you’re into wireless home video streaming or gaming, or home automation, you need a Wi-Fi router with the best scope and fastest velocity. Most Wi-Fi routers have a hard time delivering all the available bandwidth when multiple users are online. That’s because they deliver data to merely one device at a time. So everyone’s velocity is based on the velocity of the oldest and slowest device in use at the time. The Netgear Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band Wireless Router solves that problem by adding an extra traffic lane. When the router sees a slowpoke device come online, it diverts the faster devices to the new traffic lane, so everybody gets the fastest possible velocity.

The Nighthawk router also employs six antennae and Beamforming software to locate and direct the signal toward each device. Together with a fast dual-core processor and a powerful amplifier, this Wi-Fi router gets you the strongest signal at almost every place in your home.

Find out other ways to get faster internet for your wireless network.

Here’s a link to order one now .~ ATAGEND

Milwaukee one key drill Control Your Tools With Your Phone Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY line of tools is a new generation of ‘connected tools’ that can be programmed to suit the job.

Let’s say you’re installing metal vent use self-drilling screwings. Just use the Milwaukee app to find the setting for the gauge and type of metal and the size of the bolt. Then program the drill or impact driver employing your phone’s Bluetooth. When you squeeze the trigger, the tool will start at a low rpm to prevent the tip-off from walking across the metal. The electronic torque monitoring senses when the bolt bites in and boosts the velocity to drive the fuck in. Then it’ll slow down and cut off power when the screwing reaches the programmed torque–all with a single trigger pull.

The ONE-KEY system also has an inventory management and tool reporting feature for pros to keep track of tools and monitor their workers’ productivity.

Find some handy apps for DIY work.

phone-door Answer or Open the Door From Any Phone with Viking Electronics You get packages and you don’t want them sitting on your doorstep. Or, you need to open the door for housecleaners and contractors when you’re not at home. Forget the spare keys. Forget the dead bolt codes. These two products from Viking Electronics allow you to answer the door, speak with the visitor from any phone anywhere, and even open the door remotely.

Install the C-2 50 controller between the landline demarcation box and your home telephones or between your router and your VoIP box. Connect the controller to the Viking E-4 0-BN-EWP door box. Then program the controller to dial up to five family cell phone numbers. When a guest presses the button, the controller rings your home telephone with a double ring so you know it’s a visitor at the door and not a regular telephone call. Answer the door and open the door from any home phone.

When you leave the house, simply program the controller to forward the door box calls to your cell phone. If you don’t have land or VoIP service, leave the controller in call forwarding mode and it’ll send all door box calls to a portable phone. The forwarded call will show up on your portable phone’s screen as your front doorway. Answer the call and enter a code to activate your door ten-strike or Wi-Fi? enabled dead bolt. The Viking divisions are a bit pricey, but they’re commercial-grade products, so they’ll last much longer than cheaper consumer-grade versions.

Find it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

motion-sensor-surge-protector TrickleStar Motion-Sensor Power Strip Trims Your Electric Bill Your cable/ spacecraft box, Blu-ray player, Tv sound system and streaming devices all depict power 24/7, even when the TV is off. It’s the same with your computer and its attached printer, scanner and accessory speakers. The TrickleStar Motion Sensor PowerStrip shuts off those power-sucking devices when they’re not being used. It takes its cues from whatever device( Tv or computer) is plugged into the ‘control’ receptacle, along with input from the attached motion sensor.

Here’s how it runs. When you turn on the Tv or computer, the power strip immediately powers up three switched receptacles for your accessories/ peripherals. When you turn the TV or computer off, it shuts off the switched receptacles. And, if the Tv or computer is on, but you leave the room for 30 minutes or longer, the motion sensor shuts off the switched receptacles. Come back and it powers them back up. The unit has one control receptacle, three switched receptacles and three always-on receptacles, together with built-in surge protection( 1080 joules) for all outlets.

Buy it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Dust vacuum Vacuum Dustpan Saves Your Back You may think this Crowley Jones EV1850 Eye-Vac Pro Electric Dustpan represents the ultimate in laziness. But if you have back issues, this smart vacuum/ dustpan is for you. Just defined the human rights unit to automatic mode and sweep the debris toward it. The motion sensor detects when your broom is within scope and starts up the vacuum. Aim the clay pile toward the suction port and the vacuum will suck it up. If “youve had” pets, they may activate the motion detector when they stroll by. That’s why there’s a switched manual mode to activate the vacuum.

Discover vacuum attachment employs for dust collect in the workshop.

Order this for your shop .~ ATAGEND

digital-fence-gauge Digital Fence Gauge This digital height gauge( Wixey WR25 Mini Digital Height Gauge) lets you define your table find blade to a precise height. But we found another great used only for it: It’s the perfect tool for setting the fence on your router table. Zero the meter and pull the gauge until the depth you want demonstrates on the screen. Then lock the fence in place, precisely where you want it.

Order it today .~ ATAGEND

water main automatic shutoff WaterCop: Automatic Water Shutoff A little leak can lead to huge costs and headaches. That’s why there are water shutoff systems like the WaterCop control valve. Install it right after your main shutoff valve, then locate water sensors( sold separately) near the most likely leaks( water heater, lavatories, dishwasher, etc .). If a sensor sees water, it wirelessly signals the valve to shut off. You can also install a temperature sensor that shuts off the water when indoor temperatures fall to 38 degrees F. That won’t prevent the tubes from bursting if they freeze, but it will prevent a flood. Visit the manufacturer’s site for more information.

Find you water main and gas shut off when you move in to a first home or new home.

Get it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

ac-costs Save 10 Percentage on Your AC Bill with QwikSEER+ WattSaver Most furnaces and heat pumps operate the air-conditioning blower motor at a fixed velocity regardless of the conditions inside your home. But the QwikSEER+ WattSaver add-on controller board makes your AC system more efficient by running the blower motor at the optimal speed to match the temperature and humidity levels in your home. It’s proven to save at the least 10 percent on your annual AC bill.

You can install the unit yourself if you can follow an electrical schematic and feel comfy cutting a small hole in the sheet metal plenum to mount a sensor on the evaporator coil. Don’t want to do it yourself? An HVAC pro can do it in less than an hour. The QwikSEER+ WattSaver pays for itself in about two years, depending on your AC usage and the electric rates in your region. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s site.

Conair Therma Luxe Towel Warmer We’ve ensure a towel warmer as a inexpensive bathroom upgrade with wow factor but here comes Conair with a really cool towel warmer. It takes 20 minutes to warm up, which you can build coincide with your morning routine , no problem.

Get it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Chromo H2OVibe Rain Shower with Wireless Speaker Chromo H2OVibe Rain Shower with Wireless Speaker Feel free to sing along with your favorite tune with this rain showerhead with wireless speaker from H20Vibe. The showerhead includes a rain-style showerhead and the little water hole surround a Bluetooth speaker. It can connect to your music source up to 33 ft. away. Turn your bathroom into a studio with these tips on how to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Bonus: Reviewers is not merely liked the wireless capabilities, but said the showerhead offered strong water flowing.

Order it today .~ ATAGEND

outdoor Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers Deck out your deck with these environmental speakers from Bose, featuring a full stereo sound over a wide listening area. The weather-resistant speakers have been tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and extreme temperatures, and are likely to be mounted horizontally or vertically with included brackets/ hardware. The small and sleek seem keeps them out of sight, mixing easily into your environment. Inside each speaker you’ll find 2-1/ 2-inch full-range drivers that promise full stereo sound across a much wider area than conventional outdoor speakers. Check out this tutorial on how to build speaker stands .~ ATAGEND Buy it now on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

tv Samsung HW-K9 50 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Another soundbar that can’t be missed is this topnotch option from Samsung. The sleek design doesn’t sacrifice quality, thanks to the multiple built-in speakers( is 15 enough for you ?!) that point up and out, allowing you to feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of a symphony, or beneath a rain storm. The Dolby Atmos-equipped device is designed to bring out even the most subtle voices, and thanks to the side-firing speakers built in, you’re able to hear crisp audio no matter where you are in the room. What’s especially tempting about the soundbar is that it comes in a curving or straight design, which is ideal for ensuring the product fits with the design of your TV–making it true to the minimal seem that doesn’t take away from the appearance of your living room. You can connect to powerful wireless subwoofers as well, making for the ultimate customizable home theater system. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream and play music wirelessly from your phone, laptop or other Blutetooth-enabled device. You can expect a system that offers nine channels( 5.1.4 ), including the five standard surround channels, four “overhead” channels( via speakers designed to ricochet sound off the ceiling) and a bass channel. If you love Samsung, you are able to check out their smart watch! Buy this soundbar now .~ ATAGEND

Smartphone-friendly Garage Door Opener: Chamberlain MyQ-Garage This Chamberlain MyQ-Garage includes a few very useful “bells and whistles.” It has a hefty 1-1/ 4-hp motor and a battery backup( so it’ll work even if the power is out ). The door starts out slowly, picks up speed, and then slows down before reaching the top or bottom. That, in conjunction with the belt drive, makes it super quiet. And, with the included smartphone app, you are able to open and close your garage doorway( or check it you left the door open) from nearly anywhere.

Get it now .~ ATAGEND

LED Lights Smarter Smart Bulbs: GE’s C Light Bulbs The new line of LED lightbulbs from GE, simply called “C, ” can be immediately controlled with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth — no central hub necessary. There are two types of bulbs in the “C” line: The “C Life” is an all-purpose illuminate perfect for the kitchen, living room or office. The “C Sleep” bulb has been designed to support the body’s natural circadian rhythms, which can help you sleep more soundly. It emits a traditional soft illumination for the day; a warm, pacifying sun before bedtime; and a crisp, energizing lighting in the morning. Utilizing an app, the illuminates can be dimmed and set to a timer as a group or individually. When run for three hours a day, the bulb should last 20 years!

You can start thinking about replacing lights in your new workshop area with LED lights .~ ATAGEND

Buy it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

robot-lawn-mower Robotic Lawn Mower: Automower The Automower from Husqvarna works great. The guidebook wire that runs around the perimeter of your yard is held down with stakes, so no trenching was necessary, and programming is simple. The whole setup took less than 90 minutes. What stimulates this machine excels is the retractable, razor-like cutting blades. They’re only a fraction of the size of thick steel blades, which results in clean cuts, longer run-times and super-quiet operation.

Get it on Amazon today .~ ATAGEND

More Than A Garage Door Opener: Ryobi GD200 This game-changing garage hub is called the Ryobi GD200. It has a powerful 2-hp motor under the hood, instead of a 1/2 -hp like most other openers. It features a super-quiet, steel-reinforced belt drive rather than a noisy chain or screw drive. It also has an LED light, which should last as long as the opener itself. The light is activated by a motion detector and turns on when you are enter the garage.

But what really sets this division apart are the seven ports. Each port receives a module of your select, including a fan, a CO and temperature sensor, a Bluetooth speaker that broadcasts and receives music or telephone call from your smartphone, a retractable electrical cord, a battery backup, and even a laser system that tells you when your automobile is parked in exactly the right spot.

Buy it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

mobile-camera-snake See Inside your Walls with the General iBorescope Unless you have X-ray vision, it can be tough to figure out what’s inside a wall. That’s where a ‘borescope’ comes in handy. It’s basically a small camera on the end of a snake. You simply fish it through a hole or tight space to view what’s inside on a video monitor.

Several companies build borescopes, but the General iBorescope line is a little different in that it lets you use the display on your smartphone or tablet as a wireless video monitor. The borescope acts as a Wi-Fi hot spot, letting you connect your mobile device to it without a Wi-Fi router or Internet access. A free app lets you snap photos and record video, and the camera is waterproof so you can safely use it in areas that may be wet. Before removing a all, you need to know what’s inside .~ ATAGEND

Port-Plugs Prevent Port Damage to Your Smartphone or Laptop My 3-year-old granddaughter guessed the USB ports on my son’s laptop would be a great place to hide her hairclips. It was powered up at the time, and the clips shorted out the $800 main committee( he had to remind himself how precious she is ).

The service guy said port injury is common, and not just from little gremlins jamming hairclips in them. Dust, dirt and metal fragments can accumulate in the ports and are damaging when you jam the plug in. So my son sealed his smartphone and laptop ports with silicone anti-dust stoppers. It’s truly inexpensive insurance against costly repairs. — Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

Soil Meter Soil Testing Made Easy: General 4-in-1 Soil Condition Meter For the aspire gardener or a lawn fanatic, check out the General 4-in-1 Soil Condition Meter. Stick it in the ground and you can measure soil pH, moisture content and temperature. Plus, it’ll tell ya how much sunlight falls on any particular spot in the course of a day. The pH meter isn’t as dependable as having samples tested in a lab, but General claims an accuracy rate of within. 5 percent, which is close enough for most plants and grass. Serious gardeners and turf fans use that information to get the most out of their gardens and lawns. This little tool might add a bit more green to your thumb too.

Order it today .~ ATAGEND

hose-reel World’s Coolest Hose Reel: RoboReel Water Hose Reel It’s crazy-expensive, but if you’re a serious gardener, it’s crazy-cool, too. Frankly, there’s nothing like the RoboReel Water Hose Reel. Its seems may be otherworldly, but its function is totally down to earth.

Here are the neatest features. One hundred feet of high-quality 5/8 -in. hose( or 150 ft. of 1/2 -in. hose) recants with the push of a button either on the top of the covering or on the remote. So , no cranking–a big onboard rechargeable battery does the heavy lifting. The remote switching snaps onto the end of the hose( it features quick-disconnects on all the accessories ), and that allows you to turn the water off or on from wherever you are. Attach it to a handheld sprinkler for hand watering, or use it separately to control the lawn sprinkler. No more running back and forth to the spigot.

The water shut off automatically after 1 hour, so “youve never” have to worry about it running all night if you forget to shut it off. The RoboReel system has lots more features that are worth checking out if you think this awesome hose reel might be for you. Believe it? if you’re a hard-core gardener with fund to spend on your passion, you’ll utterly love this thing. Learn more, find a merchant and watch the videos at the manufacturer’s website .~ ATAGEND

outlet-night-light Best Night-Light in History: SnapRays Guidelight Event though SnapRays Guidelight is just a lowly night-light, it’s practically perfect in every style. Here’s why:

Everyone needed here: If the sunlight goes down where you live, you need a few night-lights, right?

Anyone can install it: It takes all of 60 seconds. Remove the single fucking on the old covering plate, snap in the Guidelight and reinstall the fucking. That’s it.

It’s inexpensive to operate: The three tiny LEDs come on only when it’s dark, thanks to the light sensor built into the cover-up.

It’s not an ugly plug-in. It appears exactly like an ordinary covering plate. The LEDs at the bottom light up the floor right where you need it.

The cost is reasonable and they cost even fewer per illuminate if you buy a bunch.

The Guidelight is powered by two little prongs that snap over the terminal screwings on the receptacle. Brilliant! No batteries , no wiring , no nuthin! You have a selection of two outlet cover-up kinds in tusk, almond or white.

Get some for your home now .~ ATAGEND

USB-Cube-Outlet Power, Cubed: E-More Cube Long power strips are a great invention, but some electrical plugs are such space hogs that you can’t use all the available outlets. And what about your telephone, tablet and other USB devices?

The E-More Cube has four three-prong power outlets as well as two USB charging ports. The outlets are configured so there’s no competitor for charging space. The Cube is power-surge protected and takes up less space than a strip on a workshop or countertop. Plus, it appears cool! You can get one for about $23 at many online retail sites–just search for “power cube.” — Marcia Roepke, Art Director

Find it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Surge protector Surge Protection is Cheap Insurance There’s a bunch of surge protectors to choose from at home centers these days, and they’re more affordable than ever. The six-outlet model shown here, made by Defiant, is available at The Home Depot. It’s so inexpensive, there’s no reason not to install them throughout the whole house. And don’t forget about your larger appliances. Today’s washers, dryers and refrigerators have electronic circuit boards that can be destroyed by surges.

samsungfridge_01 smart appliances fridge Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator According to Samsung, the company’s new Family Hub Refrigerator lets you “find what you need, faster.” If your kitchen needs a makeover, this fridge will certainly make it smarter. It features a touchscreen system and apps that are easy-to-use, and has a camera feed to help you track contents. The refrigerator comes in three unique designs.

hoodlight_03 smart appliances Faber Hood T-Light A new ventilate hood can quickly transform a kitchen and the T-Light from Faber stands out with clean lines and bright LED light. With five models, smart gadgets powerful Evo Motor guarantees better results in terms of energy efficiency and reduced noise.

Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Showerhead Moen’s Magnetix showerhead eliminates that riling problem of an attempt to reattach the showerhead to the slidebar, or where ever the showerhead reattaches, by magnetizing the whole operation. Wrap your head around these 10 other showerheads that will make for a better experience .~ ATAGEND

Buy it now .~ ATAGEND

smartfryingpan_05 Pantelligent Frying Pan Want perfectly cooked burgers, fish fillets and steaks every time? The Pantelligent Frying Pan has a temperature sensor inside and connects to an app which will tell you when to flip the food, stir the ingredients or adjust the heat on your stove. And when you’re not cooking, only store it with the rest of your pots and pans .~ ATAGEND

juneoven_07 smart oven June Intelligent Oven Make cooking a breeze with the June Intelligent Oven .~ ATAGEND The countertop convention oven comes with a built-in camera that recognizes more than 20 foods and cooks them automatically. And the oven also boasts that it’s easy to clean .~ ATAGEND

perfectdrink_08 Perfect Drink Pro You’ll attain the perfect drinking every time with the Perfect Drink Pro .~ ATAGEND Great for your home bar, tell the Perfect Drink Pro via the app what you have in your liquor cabinet. Choice a recipe and this bar-top appliance will assist you measure out only the right proportions for your beverage. Then shake or stir.

Buy it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

genican_09 GeniCan Get organized in the kitchen with the GeniCan, which easily installs into your existing garbage can or recycle bin and allows you to add items to your grocery list automatically as you dispose of them. You’ll never forget to add items to your list again.

hapifork_10 HAPIfork The HAPIfork is an electric fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It alerts you with the help of indicator sunlights and gentle vibrations when you’re feeing that grilled steak too fast. The information is then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to your online dashboard on HAPI.com to track your progress.

crockpot_11 Crock-Pot WeMo Enabled Smart Slow Cooker Give your oven a breach and control your dinner from anywhere with the WeMo Crock-Pot slow cooker .~ ATAGEND Just use your smart device and the WeMo App( free) to adjust or schedule cook time and temperature. Dinner will be ready when you are!

Find it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

electroluxelectricoven_12 smart oven Electrolux IQ Touch Electric Range Those in search of that modern house feel will want to upgrade to the Electrolux IQ Touch Electric Range. The front control design, Flex-2-Fit heating elements and Perfect Taste Dual Convection will construct cooking everything from the weeknight snack to vacation dinners easier. The easy-to-clean cooktop surface and seven cooking modes will help even the most novice cooks prepare marvelous snacks.

Sonos Wireless Speakers Sonos Wireless Speaker System Sonos wireless speakers allow you to stream music in any room with these speakers and runs great with Amazon’s Alexa. The define is fairly simple: only plug it in, download the free app and connect it to your WiFi network. It attains entertaining easier and doesn’t require a bunch of wiring work in your ceiling.

If you like the challenge of a DIY project like installing audio in every room, taught to do it .~ ATAGEND

Order these speakers now .~ ATAGEND

Remote controlled shades Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades Let Lutron handle the hassle of opening and shutting tints with its remote-controlled shades. The insulated honeycomb model has a R rating for insulation of 4. 3 whereas a typical double-pane window has an R-value of 2. The tints can be controlled anywhere through the Luton App and Smart Bridge.

It can even compensate for battery voltage like if one tint has new batteries and the shade next to it has older batteries they will still move at the same speed.

Find out how to stop window drafts in your home .~ ATAGEND

Nest Protect carbon monoxide detector Nest Protect Nest has got it right with the second-generation model of its Protect smoke and carbon monoxide gas detector .~ ATAGEND It integrates with Nest’s Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam. It will test for low batteries and communicate with other Nest devices in a home. It can tell you where the problem is and uses two wavelengths of sunlight to look for both fast and slow burning fires.

Find out how to maintain smoke alarms in your home.

Order it today .~ ATAGEND

Ecobee smart thermostat Ecobee Smart Thermostat The Ecobee smart thermostat does everything but the dishes around the house it seems. It works well with Amazon’s Alexa and claims to save homeowners an average of 23 percentage annually. It can tell when someone’s home and which rooms are occupied.

Find out if a Wi-Fi thermostat is right for you.

Get it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

Google Home Max Google took high fidelity to the max with its Google Home Max sound system. The device use Smart Sound to adjust to the acoustics of a room. Users get a library of 40 million songs to choose from through YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora and more. Users can stream music through it or plug it into a record player.

See what other gadgets you can add to the house to make it smart and some genuinely cool devices for the home .~ ATAGEND

Wink Hub 2 The Wink Hub 2 offers more memory, Bluetooth support and better network support than the original. It improves connectivity between devices and supports Z-Wave products, Apple products and Alexa. It retails for $199.

Step into the future with some mind-blowing home devices and make sure smart devices bide fast on the Wi-Fi.

Find it on Amazon here .~ ATAGEND

Logitech Harmony Elite Don’t get overburdened home tech items and check out Logitech’s Harmony Elite system. It includes a remote that can access all smart home devices to lower the blinds, dim lights, lock the doors and other functions. It works with Alexa, Lutron, Roku, Hue, Sonos, Apple TV, Nest and Sony, among others. It’s available for $299.99.

See how home automation runs instead of asking the kids. Stimulate it look like you’re up on the latest technology by setting up your children with the best high tech devices for college.

Order it now .~ ATAGEND

Netgear Arlo Pro 2 The Arlo Pro 2 captures 1080 p HD quality video and has an option to keep nonstop records saved in the cloud. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, is weather resistant and has night vision. It will keep a rolling seven days of motion and sound-triggered recording for free. It to cooperate in Alexa, IFTTT and Stringify.

There are even smart devices for your door locks and watch how to save money on electricity by not letting electronics drain your bank account.

Find it online here .~ ATAGEND

ADT Pulse ADT has teamed with Amazon Alexa to permit homeowners to voice control their home security. Owners can tell Alexa to tell ADT to turn off a lamp or close a garage doorway.

Check out how to power a laptop with a auto power inverter and other tech products you can add to the house .~ ATAGEND

Abode Home Security Starter Kit Abode has provided total home security in one kit. The starter kit includes sensors for the mini door/ window, a remote KeyFob and a motion sensor. It will send alerts to a phone anytime a door gets opened, if so desired. The gateway, abode’s central hub that connects all of the devices in the home, has a built-in 93 -decibel siren and doorways automatically lock when you leave. Also, an added camera can allow homeowners to see what tripped an alarm. It also works with Nest’s Camera and Thermostat to provide total security.

Make sure to prevent electrical overloads when loading up on smart devices and how to recycle old electronics when you are updating.

Get it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

Hisense 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Wi-Fi The Hisense portable air conditioner will cool down rooms up to 300 square feet and are likely to be done with a mobile app. It won’t make a ton of noise either when cooling down a room. It does come with a steep price tag of $369.

Find it here .~ ATAGEND

Philips Hue Bulbs Philips has finally provided an answer to whether the illuminations were left on at home with its Hue Bulbs. The Hue app connects to the sunlights, which you can turn on and off remotely. The app also allows users to set schedules for suns.

Learn more about smart light switches and how to opt LED bulb for the home.

Order a bunch of these bulbs now .~ ATAGEND

Perfect Bake Pro The Perfect Bake Pro comes equipped with Bluetooth, three color-coded bowl, an oven thermometer, stainless steel scale and a LCD display to construct baking easy. Use the recipe app to find out what you can construct with what’s in your pantry. Perfect Bake will scale recipes to what you have available like if a recipe calls for a square pan but all you have is a round pan, the app will do the math for you. Once you begin mixing the device will tell you when to stop pouring each ingredient.

Make sure you don’t have any kitchen mishaps.

Get this for your kitchen today .~ ATAGEND

Eufy RoboVac 11 The RoboVac 11 provides a quiet vacuum alternative for users. It does not have Wi-Fi but comes with a high-performance filter fit for discovering pet hair. It can encompass hard floors and thin carpet as well through the use of a remote or it will run automatically. It has a run time of 1 1/2 hours on its batteries.

Still going analog for now, clean out that vacuum so it clears up like it’s brand new.

Get this robo vacuum now .~ ATAGEND

iRobot Roomba 690 The Roomba 690 has added connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to offer a more complete integration of smart devices in the home. It also comes with the iRobot HOME app so you are able to clean and schedule cleaning from your phone.

Try a lo-fi vacuum cleaner fix to reach the tough spots at home and see what you’re not doing to keep your carpet long-lasting.

Find it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Polaris 9650 iQ Pool Cleaner Robot Polaris Pool has launched a robotic pool cleaner that can be controlled from a phone. A regular cleaning schedule are likely to be situated and the iAquaLink Control app will allow users to monitor the status of the canister.

See how you should be winterizing an in-ground pond and what safety tips you need to know for the summer.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Generation 2 Simply having an automatic sprinkler system is fine but it isn’t as comprehensive and environmentally conscious as Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller. Rachio’s device will automatically calculate watering cycles based on the specifics of a yard. It will even set up custom zones all in an effort to minimize water usage and decrease runoff .~ ATAGEND

Not worried about upgrading, find what to do when an automatic sprinkler system breaks.

Here’s a link to buy it now .~ ATAGEND

Flow Air Quality Wearable device Plume Labs has developed a device that reveals air quality in any space. Flow tracks four pollutants: particulate matter( PM2. 5 ), which is fine dust and solid aerosol, PM10, nitrogen dioxide, which is emissions from diesel or power generation, and volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals found indoors or in the home.

Discover some natural ways to improve air quality at home and the role furnace filters play in air quality.

Viio Bluetooth LED Mirrors You is to be able to say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall … ” without looks a lot like a lunatic. Actually, the Viio Bluetooth LED Mirror can go in any room and all users to take phones calls while getting ready for the working day or play music while showering.

If you don’t want to talk to yourself in the mirror, at least know how to hang a heavy mirror and towel bars in the bathroom.

Kohler Shower The Kohler shower is connected through a DTV+ showering system, which can create presents for your shower routine. Enjoy listening to classical music while you wash off? That’s a preset! You can preset sounds, water, steam, and illuminating for the best shower experience. Once everything is set, just let the system know when to “start my morning shower.”

See what Kohler has concocted to connect smart technology to the bathroom. Maintain the bathroom clean by taking care of the showerhead .~ ATAGEND

Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot No more folding laundry? Where do you sign up? The Laundroid will fold your laundry, for $16,000. Seven Dreamers, a tech company, made the Laundroid, which utilizes artificial intelligence to recognize a piece of apparel, folds it and has it ready for you to wear.

Make doing laundry fun for kids with a laundry chute and find out why putting jeans in the freezer isn’t that crazy .~ ATAGEND

Nanoleaf Square Color-Changing Light Panels Nanoleaf introduced its light panels a little less than two years ago and they offer a level of imagination in interior design that hasn’t been assured before. The 12 -sided panels can be arranged in any manner and emit any color so desired. It runs with Wi-Fi and is compatible smart devices like the Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa. The lightings can be automated to simulate a sunrise with only your voice.

Check out how recessed lighting can create a dramatic impact and how to add a dimmer switch for another impact .~ ATAGEND

Onelink Safe& Sound Smart Smoke Alarm This smart smoke alarm from Onelink will send alerts to mobile devices and even pinpoint where the smoke is coming. The device also works with Alexa. It sells for $249.99. Stay safe by maintaining a smoke detector and learning safety tips-off for using alert devices .~ ATAGEND

Get it on Amazon now .~ ATAGEND

GE Appliances Family Hub Kitchen Tablet GE’s Family Hub Tabletisn’t so much a tablet as it is say, a 27 -inch touchscreen, called a tablet. A 27 -inch TV used to be considered a reasonably big Tv. GE’s tablet is supposed to be located above the stove and it will control as many devices as you want. It will also have a camera to allow for video chats. GE released plans for it at CES in Las Vegas though it hasn’t disclosed any pricing.

Find a place for a tablet of another kind in the kitchen and find some clever ways to hide tablet stands .~ ATAGEND

Catolet Smart Automatic Litter Box Catolet is the business of solving what to do with you cat’s business. Catolet has developed a device that connects to the water supply and sewage so a cat can go as they please without leaving a mess. The Catolet conveyor system removes the waste and cleans after itself. You might just have to see it for yourself.

If the cat doesn’t go for that, try a Dart Laser Toy that will send them up a wall. Just make sure to keep your pets safewith all of the high-tech plaything.

Arable Mark Crop Sensor Arable Labs has created a tool designed to collect data around a farm like air temperature to soil moisture. It can help calculate crop yields and crop health, along with providing customers with information on how the food was created.

Stop invasive species from interrupting a garden and find out the benefits of an irrigation system.

Nomad USB Hub Charge five devices all at once with this USB hub .~ ATAGEND It has four USB ports concealed underneath and the wireless charger sits on top for a versatile device.

See some other easy home tech additions.

Here’s where to buy it now .~ ATAGEND

Smartclean Vision. 5 Eyewear Ultrasonic Cleaner The ultrasonic cleaning power of Smartclean’s eyeglass cleanser is appealing because the device can travel anywhere. Just add a little water and let the cleaning power shine up those tints. It operates $78 and cleans in just a few minutes.

Keep safety glasses, like this bifocal kind , around for some DIY projects.

Get it now .~ ATAGEND

Scentee Machina Smart Room Diffuser Now you can control the smell of your home through your phone, which isn’t actually a bad thing. Instead of rushing to clean for home guests and letting loose a plane creek of air freshener, the Scentee Machina Smart Room Diffuser can release snippets of perfume throughout the day. There are 14 fragrances to choose from and the technology utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze your favorite smell. The company schemes its first release for sometime in late spring.

Add some lemon around the house for an easy odor and learn to recognize what a bad smell from the cellar means.

Drone Remote Starter Wish you could start your auto from your office on a cold day before you leave run? DroneMobile has you encompassed. The technology connects your car to your smartphone for a remote start. DroneMobile offers two devices, the DR-5 400 module, which is $199.99 and the DR-3 400, which is $159.99.

Try a more conventional remote starter and see what to do when technology fails on the road .~ ATAGEND

Get it on Amazon .~ ATAGEND

Autoslide Smart Tag Pet Door Kit If you let your dog out through a sliding glass doorway, then the Autoslide Smart Tag Pet Door Kit is worth checking out. The kit runs through RFID technology located inside of a Smart Pet Tag. As the dog approaches, the door opens. The sensor has a range of up to 10 feet. An app allows users to turn the sensor on and off. Convenience is expensive, this product retails for $890.

Or just keep the dog outside all the time with a kennel or a palatial residence.

Buy it now .~ ATAGEND

Satechi Type-C 75 W Multiport Travel Charger This multiport charger from Satechi will power up MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, a Nintendo Switch and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 among other devices. The multiport allows users to keep wall plug-ins a little clearer. It operates $64.99. Find other cool tools like this at Lowe’s.

See how a truck can turn into a generator .~ ATAGEND

Find it on Amazon here .~ ATAGEND

FoodCycler Eco Friendly Food Recycler The FoodCycler Eco Friendly Food Recycler eliminates much of the hassle of composting. Food scraps can be placed into the device and turned into a nutrient rich clay additive. The whole process takes 3 hour and can be especially helpful for eco-conscious apartment dwellers or those who don’t have time to maintain a compost pile. It can reduce kitchen scraps up to 90 percentage and doesn’t require any additives. The carbon filtration system eliminates any odor and agitators break down the food while it’s heated.

Start a compost pile with a few tips and watch how to compost scraps .~ ATAGEND

Get one for your home here .~ ATAGEND

CHFUN Rechargeable Bike Tail Light Bicyclists who use hand signals for their turns are great but those hand signals aren’t so visible at night. CHFUN has that problem solved with a rechargeable bike illuminate that will signal a turn when a bicyclist leans one route or the other as they make a turn. It will hold service charges for around six hours.

Check out some cool ways to store a motorcycle in the garage and how to stop thieves from stealing a motorcycle in public.

Buy it now .~ ATAGEND

Ring Beams Home Security Lights Ring, a home security tech company, recently acquired LED light company Mr. Beams and announced the launch of several new security products that combine technology from both companies. One of the first collaborative efforts is Ring Beams Home Security Lights. The Mr. Beams suns will illuminate any motion they detect and work in conjunction with Ring’s security cameras and doorbells. An alert will be forwarded to any connected device when motion is detected so you can see from the camera what’s going on outside.

See how to choose motion detectors and find the brands that are built to last.

Methven Aio Modern Hi-Tech Design Bathroom Handheld Shower Handset Discover one of the most unique showerheads available with the Methven Aio showerhead. Its halo design produces up to 25 percent more spray force than traditional showerheads. The water flows at 2.3 GPM and it’s limescale resistant. Perfect for avoiding any nasty showerhead cleaning. Not your style? Check out some other amazing showerheads.

Clean your showerhead to keep it humming or check out some other amazing showerheads .~ ATAGEND

Buy it on Amazon today .~ ATAGEND

ZeNa Attachment Innovation knows no bound and the ZeNa Attachment shores up a mild inconvenience in the bathroom — the toilet roll holder. The last thing you need is that thing rolling around on the bathroom floor. ZeNa erases the issue with it’s toilet paper roll holder. While you’re trying innovation in the bathroom, try some inspiration, too, with these 13 unique toilet paper and bathroom reading material storage hacks .~ ATAGEND

Photo: Via ZeNa Attachment

SpinX Self-Cleaning Toilet Cleaning the lavatory is always one of those scorned chores but it might not have to be that way anymore with SpinX’s self-cleaning lavatory. Not only with a robotic arm drop down into the bowl and clean it at the push of a button, the SpinX will also clean the lavatory seat. SpinX has an anticipated delivery date of September. While you wait, check out how to make a lavatory cleaning bomb.

Photo: Via SpinX

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